Meeting point

Torrent assembly point Depending on the availability of our snowboard instructors, private lessons can also be organised in the Snowpark Sportarena upon request. 


The Torrent ski resort can be reached via Grosskabine from the village of Leukerbad or with the cable cars from Flaschen (located between Leukerbad and Albinen).

  • By foot: from the village centre the valley station can be reached in about 5-10 minutes.
  • Public transport: The town bus Ring-Jet stops in the vicinity ("Torrent-Bahnen" bus stop)
  • Private car: carpark available (indoor carpark at the valley station of Grosskabine or carpark in Flaschen) 

Course times

Private ski lessons can be booked from Monday to Friday afternoon from 1 pm; and the whole day on weekends.

Course level / Course goal

The course goal is to visibly and considerably improve your personal skiing skills based on your wishes. Thanks to the individual care by your private instructor you will quickly improve.

Equipment / F&B

Required equipment: Snowboard, snowboard boots, warm (adapted to the weather) ski suit and gloves. A must are also good sunglasses or ski goggles and sun protection. A helmet, wrist and back protection are not obligatory, but highly recommended.
The rental fee for the equipment is not included in the course fee. The equipment can be rented in one of the sports shops in the village (Link to the section Partner / Sports Shops).

You decide if you want to take a break during your private lesson.

Important Notes

  • Absence: if you are unable to come to a booked lesson, please inform the instructor or the Ski School Office as early as possible (telephone: +41 27 470 25 10, from 8:15 am).

  • Taking place of ski lessons: if the lesson should be cancelled due to force majeure (e.g. avalanche warning, storm,...) this will be announced on the following channels every day from 8:15 a.m:
    - website of the Ski School ( In the Slope Report you can also see which ski lifts are open.
    - Infokanal Leukerbad (TV)
    - Hotel / Holiday apartment: Reception

    In these cases please make sure you can be reached by phone, so the instructor or the Ski School Office can contact you in order to talk about the programme changes.



Questions & Answers


Which ski resort should I decide for?

Your advantages in the Snowpark Sportarena:

  • Suitable slopes for beginners (3 conveyor belts, 2 pull lifts)
  • Easy, blue slopes
  • Accessibility of the resort: by foot, with the town bus Ring-Jet or by car (carpark availability)
  • The Snowpark Sportarena assembly point can be easily reached by foot.
  • Ski lockers can be rented.
  • More options for children: Sledge slope
  • Offers for adults: Snowbar, Sportarena Restaurant, cross-country ski track directly behind the Sportarena, start of various winter hiking trails.
  • You go for free with the Leukerbad Card Plus.


Your advantages in the Torrent ski resort:

  • If you are a passionate skier yourself, you enjoy 50 km of varied slopes.
  • Different lift facilities (ski lifts, chair lifts, cable car).
  • Children up to 8 years ski for free.
  • Several alpine restaurants and après ski bars to choose from.
  • New: Snowliland (Kinderland with 1 conveyor belt)
  • Accessibility of the resort: with Grosskabine from Leukerbad or the cable car in Flaschen. There is a carpark at both valley stations, which can also be reached with the town bus Ring-Jet or the LLB bus (also see accessibility of the assembly points).
  • Large number of ski lockers for rental (valley station and mountain station).
  • Winter hiking trail with splendid panoramic view of the 4,000 m high mountains in Wallis.

When should I book a group lesson or a private lesson in the Snowpark Sportarena, and when in the Torrent ski resort?

Skiing: In general we recommend to all beginners to book a lesson (group or private) in the Snowpark Sportarena. The more difficult slopes on Torrent are of advantage for advanced skiers. Thanks to the new Snowliland, since the 2013/14 winter season, beginners can also book a lesson on Torrent (possibilities are however more limited).


Snowboard: We recommend to all of our guests to book snowboard lessons (group and private courses) in the Torrent ski resort, because the terrain should not be too flat, hence Torrent is more ideal. Upon request and depending on the availability of the instructors, private lessons can also be booked in the Snowpark Sportarena.

Which levels does the Ski School teach?

Snowpark SportarenaTorrent Ski Resort
Snow Kindergarten Moskito (3 y.)-
Snowli group ski lessons (4-5 y.)Snowli group ski lessons (4-5 y.)
3-hour group course: Levels Blue Prince to Blue King (from 6 y.)3-hour group course: Levels Blue Prince to Swiss Snow Academy (from 6 y.)
Group lessons for adults: beginners onlyGroup lessons (children & adults): beginners to advanced skiers
Private lessons (children & adults): Beginners to approx. Blue King levelPrivate lessons (children & adults): beginners to advanced skiers
-3-hour group course: Levels Blue Prince to Swiss Snow Academy
Private lessons (children & adults): upon request onlyPrivate lessons (children & adults): beginners to advanced skiers
-Private lessons (children & adults): beginners to advanced skiers

When do group lessons or private lessons take place?

When do group lessons or private lessons take place?

Group lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings. The exact times of the single courses can be found in the Offers (Section Children/Adults).

Private lessons can be booked all day on weekends, and between 1 pm and 4 pm from Monday to Friday (in spring until about 4.30 pm).

What teaching method do you use?

We teach based on the "Swiss Snow League" system by the Swiss Snowsport Association. The respective course goals are listed here.

Do the instructors speak my language or the the language of my children?

All our snow sports instructors speak several languages (Swiss, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish,...). The most important thing in a group lesson is the skill level of the participant, the language is only secondary. Hence, groups are usually mixed.

If you decide to take a private lesson, you can inform us about the desired language during the point of booking. If an instructor is available, we are pleased to book the course in your desired language.

Where are the various assembly points (meeting points)?

Here you'll find a map with all the assembly points.

Skiing: Snowli House at the Snowpark Sportarena

Skiing: Snowpark Sportarena assembly point

Ski/Snowboard: Torrent assembly point

Ski/Snowboard: Snowliland Torrent assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Sportarena assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Noyer assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Gemmi valley station assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Daubensee assembly point

Accessibility of the assembly points and the ski resorts

The assembly points can be reached within a 5-15 minute walk from the village centre. You will find all the information in the Assembly points section.

Snowpark Sportarena

  • directly adjacent to Sportarena

  • easily accessible from the village centre by foot

  • parking possibilities at the Sportarena limited

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Schulen)

Sportarena assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • directly behind the Sportarena

Torrent Ski Resort

  • via Grosskabine from the village of Leukerbad or with the cable cars from Flaschen (located between Leukerbad and Albinen).

  • The Grosskabine valley station can be easily reached by foot from the village centre

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Torrent-Bahnen)

  • Carpark at the valley station of the Grosskabinen cable cars or in Flaschen

Noyer assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • Entry to the village (shortly before the bridge to the right). The cross-country tracks are to the right of the main street.

  • Parking possible at the Fischerweiher carpark (near the LLB bus stop Zer Briggu).

Gemmi valley station and Daubensee assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • Carpark at the Gemmi-Bahnen

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Gemmi-Bahnen)

Will the booked courses take place in any weather?

Yes, the booked group and private courses will take place in any weather. Exception: if the ski resort is closed due to storm and/or avalanche danger.

In case of uncertain weather, where can I get informed if the ski lessons will take place?

From 8.15 am the information on whether courses take place or not is available on the following channels:

• Website of the Ski School ( The winter sports report will also inform you about the open lift facilities.

• Infokanal Leukerbad (local TV station)

• Hotel / Apartment: Reception


In these cases, guests who have booked a private lesson, should be reachable by phone, so the instructor or the Ski School Office can contact you in order to talk about the programme changes

How old does my child have to be in order to participate at a group lesson?

Children from 3 years can participate at group lessons (Snow Kindergarten Moskito for age 3).

Can beginners join the group lessons on any day of the week?

No, beginners can start the group lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays, otherwise the rest of the group is already too advanced.

How big are the groups in a group course?

The number of participants varies depending on the group you booked. The exact numbers are available in the Info-Box with the respective course offers.

The minimum group size for all courses is 4 persons (except for adult courses with a minimum number of participants of 3 persons).

We want to keep the group courses with a small number of participants in order to guarantee an intensive learning experience.

What happens if there are less than four persons for a group lesson?

If the group size of children is reduced to 2 or 3 participants or to 2 adults, the Snow Sports School reserves the right to put groups together or to reduce the number of lessons.

How will I be assigned to the right group?

The first grouping is done based on the information you provided at the point of booking. If you don't want to choose the course level yourself and do not know your last level, we will be pleased to assist you.

After warming up on the first course day, all participants will show their skills to the instructors on a suitable slope. Afterwards, the participants are assigned to groups depending on their skills.

What if I have been assigned to the wrong course level?

At the start you need some patience until everyone is in the right group. The instructors always try to make the required changes by the break (approx. 2 hours after course start), if somebody should be in the wrong course level. If at the end of the first day, you still have the feeling that you or your child are in the wrong group, please talk to the instructor or the main instructor on the slope. They will help you to find the "right" group for yourself.

What is the course content and the course goal?

The course content does not describe what you can do already, but what you will learn during the course. When booking, you should therefore not choose the level that you meet already, but always the next higher level.

How many private lessons should I book at once?

For small children (under the age of 6) or if you are unsure, we recommend not to book too many private lessons (duration and number of days) in advance. Booked lessons will not be refunded. At the start we recommend a course of 55 minutes for small children.

For children from 6 years and adults we recommend to book at least 85 minutes per lesson and day.

Can beginners book a private lesson on Torrent?

Yes, beginners can also book private courses in the Torrent ski resort. Thanks to the new Snowliland and easy blue slopes, you can learn to ski also in the Torrent ski resort.

Is the ski pass included in the course fee?

The lift tickets are included during Moskito and Snowli ski courses. During all 3-hour group courses (Snowpark Sportarena and Torrent), and during private lessons, the lift tickets are not included in the course fee. Children up to 8 years ski for free in the Torrent ski resort. Guests who have the Leukerbad Card Plus ski for free in the Snowpark Sportarena, and get reduced ski pass tickets for the Torrent ski resort.

Where can I by the ski pass for the Torrent-Bahnen cable cars? And where for the Snowpark Sportarena?

Sales points for the Torrent-Bahnen:

  • Leukerbad Tourism

  • Torrent-Bahnen (valley station Grosskabine in Leukerbad and valley station of the cable cars in Flaschen).

  • Office of the Official Swiss Snow Sports School Leukerbad, Kurparkstrasse 5.

  • Sales points for the Snowpark Sportarena:

    • directly at the cash point of the Snowpark Sportarena

    What happens with the ski pass and the days I have purchased if I have an accident?

    Hand in your ski pass at the valley station right away and get informed about the prerequisites/conditions of a refund for the remaining days.

    Is there a reduction when purchasing a ski course for several days?

    If you purchase a one-week package (5 days), you will receive a reduction in comparison to purchasing the single days.

    I do not ski, but my child participates in a ski course on Torrent. Does my child have to go up with the Grosskabinen cable cars on their own?

    No, there is an accompaniment service for children from Tuesday to Friday. Rate CHF 5.- per day and person. You can find all the details about this offer here.


    You also have the possibility to accompany your child in the cable cars at a special rate. In cooperation with the Torrent-Bahnen we offer a special ticket at a rate of CHF 18.- (return ticket). This ticket is only available in the Ski School Office in Kurparkstrasse Road 5 in connection with a ski course booking for your child. Further information is available here.

    Which equipment do I need for the course I have booked?

    In the Info-Box with the respective course offers you will find information on the required equipment.

    Where can I rent the equipment or where can I find a service or repair shop for my own equipment?

    You can rent the equipment in the three sports shops in Leukerbad:

    • Briand Sport: Ski, snowboard, cross-country skis, telemark skis, sledge, snow-shoes
    • Possa Intersport: Ski, snowboard, cross-country skis, sledge, snow-shoes


    • RelAction Snow & Bikeshop: Ski, snowboard

      If you have any questions the staff in the sports shops will be at your disposal (also for repair works of damaged material).

    Does my child need a helmet for the ski course?

    Due to safety reasons a helmet is obligatory for children.

    Which means of payment are accepted?

    In the main office and at the Snowpark Sportarena: CHF and Reka in cash, and the following credit cards: EUROCARD/Mastercard, Maestro, Postcard, Visa and Reka Card.

    What happens to the course ticket if I have an accident?

    Refund due to injuries or illness is possible by presenting a medical certification of a local doctor (only the amount equalling the unused lessons will be refunded). Course cancellations due to weather conditions (force majeure) will not be refunded or repeated. We therefore recommend purchasing the new insurance PassProtect (Details). Transfer or a credit for the next season is not possible.

    Do I need insurance?

    It is the responsibility of course participants to avail of accident and liability insurance. The Snow Sports School does not assume any liability for sports accidents occurring before, during or after lessons. In order to insure the booked ski course, the ski pass or the rented equipment we recommend the new insurance PassProtect .

    What should I wear for a snow-shoe tour?

    The best is to wear robust, waterproof hiking or trekking boots, ski pants (no jeans), wind jacket, gloves, hat, sun protection, rucksack with snacks and drinks and a shirt/pullover so you have a change of clothes. We will provide the snow-shoes and the ski poles, if you need any.