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When do group lessons or private lessons take place?

When do group lessons or private lessons take place?

Group lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings. The exact times of the single courses can be found in the Offers (Section Children/Adults).

Private lessons can be booked all day on weekends, and between 1 pm and 4 pm from Monday to Friday (in spring until about 4.30 pm).

What teaching method do you use?

We teach based on the "Swiss Snow League" system by the Swiss Snowsport Association. The respective course goals are listed here.

Do the instructors speak my language or the the language of my children?

All our snow sports instructors speak several languages (Swiss, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish,...). The most important thing in a group lesson is the skill level of the participant, the language is only secondary. Hence, groups are usually mixed.

If you decide to take a private lesson, you can inform us about the desired language during the point of booking. If an instructor is available, we are pleased to book the course in your desired language.

Where are the various assembly points (meeting points)?

Here you'll find a map with all the assembly points.

Skiing: Snowli House at the Snowpark Sportarena

Skiing: Snowpark Sportarena assembly point

Ski/Snowboard: Torrent assembly point

Ski/Snowboard: Snowliland Torrent assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Sportarena assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Noyer assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Gemmi valley station assembly point

Cross-country skiing: Daubensee assembly point

Accessibility of the assembly points and the ski resorts

The assembly points can be reached within a 5-15 minute walk from the village centre. You will find all the information in the Assembly points section.

Snowpark Sportarena

  • directly adjacent to Sportarena

  • easily accessible from the village centre by foot

  • parking possibilities at the Sportarena limited

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Schulen)

Sportarena assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • directly behind the Sportarena

Torrent Ski Resort

  • via Grosskabine from the village of Leukerbad or with the cable cars from Flaschen (located between Leukerbad and Albinen).

  • The Grosskabine valley station can be easily reached by foot from the village centre

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Torrent-Bahnen)

  • Carpark at the valley station of the Grosskabinen cable cars or in Flaschen

Noyer assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • Entry to the village (shortly before the bridge to the right). The cross-country tracks are to the right of the main street.

  • Parking possible at the Fischerweiher carpark (near the LLB bus stop Zer Briggu).

Gemmi valley station and Daubensee assembly point (for cross-country skiing)

  • Carpark at the Gemmi-Bahnen

  • Town bus Ring-Jet (bus stop Gemmi-Bahnen)

Will the booked courses take place in any weather?

Yes, the booked group and private courses will take place in any weather. Exception: if the ski resort is closed due to storm and/or avalanche danger.

In case of uncertain weather, where can I get informed if the ski lessons will take place?

From 8.15 am the information on whether courses take place or not is available on the following channels:

• Website of the Ski School ( The winter sports report will also inform you about the open lift facilities.

• Infokanal Leukerbad (local TV station)

• Hotel / Apartment: Reception


In these cases, guests who have booked a private lesson, should be reachable by phone, so the instructor or the Ski School Office can contact you in order to talk about the programme changes