Insurance PassProtect

Insure also your booked ski lessons and your ski pass with the purchase of the insurance PassProtect. In collaboration with Solid AB, we offer you an insurance solution which you can take out when buying your ski pass and lessons. 


CHF 3.- per ski day and person

The following services are insured (due to illness, accident or closed facilities due to bad weather): 

  • ski lesson refund (from 1st day)
  • ski pass refund (Torrent / Erli) / entrance bath (from 2nd day) 
  • ski rental refund 

The refund of the above mentioned services are paid pro rata temporis and with the original receipts, to the extent of CHF 2’000.-. 

For more information, please see the general conditions of the insurance: General conditions.

In case of accidents or illness, please contact directly Solid AB as they answer all requests and refunds (